My Authentic Code

When I think about the times I am my highest self, it’s because I am embodying my authentic code. My authentic code is as embedded in me as my DNA; and I know when I stray from it, immediately. That’s when I start to feel anxious, question everything, lower my self worth and start to people please, or just feel not like myself.

So I come back to what make me feel my highest self. What is my essence?

Conscious Connection — This shows up for me in the way that I connect with friends and family, nature, myself, and most importantly, God. Being in integrity with this, means that I don’t do “small talk, chit chat” very well. And sometimes I’m going to ask you what you need from me in our conversation, or time together. It also means, you may find me talking to animals, and communing with nature.

Creative Expression — From painting to writing poetry, accessorizing with simple jewelry to ombre manicures, and being loud to giving you the best hug. I am all about creative expression. For the longest time I thought I wasn’t creative, or that I needed to wear more skirts, that ladies didn’t express themselves so loudly. Do you know what happens when you put a lid on creative expression? A part of your soul dies! -ok, maybe a little dramatic, but you get the point.

Joyful Discovery — I believe not everything is joyful, but we can do things joyfully. And nothing is more joyful than discovery. Discover, learn, grow, stay informed. It doesn’t matter what the discovery is, I like learning. 🤓

Freedom — This to me means everything from physical space to the freedom to be yourself. As an Aquarius, my freedom shows up as having the space to have unconventional experiences. And I’m still exploring.

Luxury — Safety. Security. Comfort. Brand Loyalty. I like nice things, bc my highest self is worth it. Just kidding, but not really. The Iranian in me feels entitled to it.

Embodying my authenticity in my daily decisions, mundane or otherwise, has helped me to live a more aligned life. To feel divinely guided and in harmony. And as an added bonus, I’ve become more magnetic. Although, thinking about it, I guess that only makes sense.

Have you figured out your Authentic Code?




Living Consciously with Soul, Creativity, and Love Advocate✨Coach✨Expander✨Vision Holder

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Mehrak E

Mehrak E

Living Consciously with Soul, Creativity, and Love Advocate✨Coach✨Expander✨Vision Holder

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